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I am a stay at home mom to 2 Wonderful kids and a wife to the most amazing man! First and foremost I love spending time with my little family. They are my life! I am a photographer. Taking photos is how I express myself. I feel free, powerful and creative when I have my camera in my hands. I also love creating fun and cute hair accessories. That hobby started once my little girl was born and I can't get enough of it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loopy summer

Introducing... my loopy summer bows. These bows are so cute! They come attached to a french Barrette instead of an alligator clip.. They are about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. Full, Fun and so stink'n cute!



These bows are another favorite of mine to make. They turn out so full and can be made in many different ways. Here is a couple that I made this week. The crayon one for all of those kids going back to school and more delicate flower ones. Hope you like them.

And More....

Braided Snails
3 Flower bloom

Glitz dragonflies

Funky Turtles

Bloomn' flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Duck

Blinging Crowns

Holiday clips

Aren't these so fun! Holidays are my favorite so I love making cute little accessories to complement the adorable outfits that come out during the holidays.
Samantha the Spider

Sugar Spun Cupcakes (Birthday)

Pattsey the leaf

Sparkles the Christmas Tree

Glow the candle

Candie the Corn


My little girl loves Elmo. This is one of the first Elmo hair clips I made for her. I now have quit a few different styles and will for sure post them soon.


Korker bows are my most favorite bows to make. I love them! So fun and playfull just like a child. Here are some of my most recent korker bows.
Elmo, What kid does not like Elmo?

Purple Glitz

Cupcake Smooches

Pastel Dots

Love Spun


These are a couple of my Holiday character clips that I have made. Character clips are Maddy's favorite. Everyday I ask her what pretty she wants to wear and her reply is usually Santa or the Ghost. Numerous days we have gone out of the house with a clip that does not match her outfit at all or is not even close be being in season. At first I tried to convince her to pick different ones that would match, it usually never worked. I finally just realized my little girl loves them and wears them proud so what more can I ask for.

Christmas Wreath
Mr. Nick
Harvest Pumpkin

Lucy the Ghost

Sweet Carrots

Yummy Tummy Cake Pinky the Bunny


I love these colors. I made these for a friend a while back to go with one of her daughters sunflower outfits. Rightfully so I named this beautiful bow sunflower fun.