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I am a stay at home mom to 2 Wonderful kids and a wife to the most amazing man! First and foremost I love spending time with my little family. They are my life! I am a photographer. Taking photos is how I express myself. I feel free, powerful and creative when I have my camera in my hands. I also love creating fun and cute hair accessories. That hobby started once my little girl was born and I can't get enough of it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Store is now Open!

My store is now open. Not everything is in there yet but I hope to have most if not all inventory in the store by Monday. But still fell free to go check it out.

Here are my newest creations. I had a ton of fun making these bows I am going to call them my specialty bows. They are so big and so full and so cute. I loved making these I just kept adding and adding until I felt like it was going to burst than added more. I love them. I can't wait until Maddy gets more hair so she can wear some of these.
This one is my Halloween version. It has a ton of fun elements on it not including over 12 different types of ribbon. So full of life. I think I am going to be starting the bid on this one .99 cents. I know I am crazy. So go over and bid on this still of a deal and hopefully you will win.

Here is my school one. I love the colors. This one also has cute elements and lots and lots of ribbons. I hope you like them.

Another set of Korker bows. Thought these colors would match a lot of outfits. I know they go perfectly with tons on My little girls clothes.

Little Korker these are my little variety korker. It is a you choose Item. You choose the color and how many. These are just a couple of the colors I offer. They measure about 2 1/2 inches. Perfect for those tiny pigtails.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Would you like a free bow? Well here is your chance? Every month I plan on having a giveaway just for my blog readers. This month because it is a special occasion(opening of my new store) I am going to be giving away 2 free bows. Two Lucky blog readers will be able to choose any item that you see posted on my blog (except boutique bows). Or if you would like me to customize one I will gladly do that also. Again FREE!
All you have to do is leave my a little shout out in the comments. If you would be so nice to answer me these 3 little questions I would greatly appreciate it.
1.Tell me what is your favorite style of bow (Korker, loopy, basic...)
2. What are you favorite colors for bows?
3. And what bow would you like if you win?
That is it. Nice and simple. Good luck and please go check out my new store. Thank you!
I will pick a winner in 2 weeks. 9/30/10


Another favorite item of mine to put in my daughters hair are flowers.
I love them so much I decided I was going to sell them in my store. I am going to be offering 3 or 4 different styles of flowers.
Here is the first style. They are Crystal Gerber Daisy's.
These are approximately 4" wide and are attached to a partially lined double prong clip.These are the mini versions. They are approximately 2" wide and are also attached to partially lined double prong clip.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lots to show

Been pretty busy make fun new styles, what do you think?

White dressy bow

I made this bow with the mindset of using it for a special occasion such as baptism, christening, flower girl.. I loved how it turned out.

Little Clips


Wow wow wubbzy

Thanksgiving/fall korkers

Crayola brights
Korker flower

Everyone seemed to love Elmo so I thought I would go a step further and do more Sesame Street characters.
Here is Abbys

And Big Bird

Sheer dots

Candy Land